Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Dear Khalil :)

So... how do you like it?

If your pace a couple of days ago is anything to go by, I’m quite sure you’ve managed to read backwards to the most recent post by now :)

I hope you’ve had fun reading this.... and probably gotten to know me a little better in the process.

Oh and by the way, I owe you a big ‘Thank you’ too. I got back to this blog after a good five years thanks to your request. Re-reading and reminiscing was fun in its own way! Also helped me to realize that while some of my circumstances and perspectives have changed, the quintessential cuckoo-ness is still alive .... can’t even describe how much of a relief that is!!

I’ll be waiting to see your writing turn up somewhere like this soon. Don’t let the past hold you back from something you so obviously enjoy.

Kintsugi, remember??



B Khalil said...
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B Khalil said...

Dear Zahra,

Of course I love it. I've had fun (to use a word that someone I know uses often) devouring it.

I am glad to get you back in the saddle again. Here's to a million miles of unhindered rides.

As for me, yeah, I hope I'll pick back up too. The crack is too fresh i think. In time. All in good time.

take care,